Fair is Something You Take a Pig To
The Pains and Pleasures of a Small Wisconsin Fair

A documentary by Janice Durand
Format: DVD
Length: 43 minutes
Price: $15.00 includes shipping



Pinky Lee and Jim Flanagan are two nice guys who own and run a small fair in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  As they reach their mid-sixties, no heir is apparent, and the future of the fair is in question.  Also in question is the changing nature of the family farm and the impact of that change on the counties  that are required by law to showcase Wisconsin agriculture.  As farms change, get bigger and more mechanized to compete in modern markets, should fairs change as well, and how?  What need is there now for a fair with a farmer’s face? 

Director’s Notes 

Pinky Lee grew up on Maple Street in Chippewa Falls, just a few blocks from my family home on South Main Street.  When I approached him in 2003 about filming his fair, he immediately invited me to follow him and his partner as they made their annual preparations.  As soon as I started shooting at the fair that year, I knew the focus would be on the farm children and their families.  The footage in the documentary was shot during three successive annual fairs.