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Janice Durand, Director/Producer/Writer

Janice Durand is a Wisconsin entrepreneur whose retail store, The Puzzlebox, won best toy store awards in three cities with pleasant regularity for over twenty years. In 1999 Durand screened a documentary called The Gee Whiz Kid, which she produced and directed independently, at the first Wisconsin Film
Festival. After selling her last store, a women’s accessory shop on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin called Little Luxuries, she began learning to write memoir. In three years she completed a presently unpublished book called The Body is Open, the Heart is Pumping: My Exhilarating, Infuriating Journey with the Last Pitchman in America. Currently, she is working on a book, The Magic Hour, a personal story of a special era in American business and culture in the ten-year period between 1979 and 1989.